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Q: What kind of service/ assistance can an applicant expect from Telephone Passport Online Service?

A. The convenience of e-passport processing while making use of your quality time.

Q: What is an e-passport?

A. biometric passport, also known as an e-passport or ePassport, is a combined paper and electronic passport (hence the e-, as in e-mail) that uses biometrics to authenticate the identity of travelers. It uses contactless smart card technology, including a microprocessor chip (computer chip) and antenna (for both power to the chip and communication) embedded in the front or back cover, or center page, of the passport....The passport's critical information is both printed on the data page of the passport and stored in the chip. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used to authenticate the data stored electronically in the passport chip making it virtually impossible to forge when all security mechanisms are fully and correctly implemented. (Source:Wikipedia)

Q: Why does a passport applicant need to personally appear before the Department of Foreign Affairs?

A. All passport applicants are required to appear before the DFA for the data capturing process of the biometrics.

Q: What is the advantage of renewing one's passport through LBC?

A.The Philippine Telephone Passport Express Service -

LBC Passport Renewal Assistance is designed to bring the task of passport application to a higher level of convenience. The advantages include:
a) Accessibility - The passport applicant need not go to DFA to submit application, they only have to locate the nearest LBC branch to submit their application for a new passport.
b) Call Center support – The passport applicant will be advised on the completeness of their documents to ensure speedy approval of application.
c) Enrollment for Appointment– With the present system, all passport applicants are required to secure an appointment (date and time) before going to the DFA. 
c) Door-to-door passport delivery- the passport applicant need not go back to DFA to claim their passport as this will be claimed for them and delivered to their chosen destination.

Q: What is a double passport?

A. A double passport refers to another passport owned by the applicant, not cancelled by the DFA, in addition to the new passport being requested.

Q: Can the applicant renew the passport using his/her changed /new name?

A. Yes, provided the applicant provides an annotated birth certificate from the NSO indicating his changed name.

Q: Is the consistency in the signature significant?

A. Yes, both signatures in the passport for renewal and the application form must be identical.

Q: If a married woman failed to declare their marital status upon issuance of an old passport, could the declaration of marital status be declared in renewal?

A. Yes only for applicants with a green passport. This must be supported with an Affidavit of Explanation indicating the reason for non-declaration of Marital Status.

Q: If the passport holders had their physical appearance altered, what are the necessary supporting documents needed?

A. For applicants who had a major surgery resulting in altered physical appearance clearly different from the old passport, the applicant must personally appear at the DFA and must submit medical certificate for justification.

Q: For passport renewal of minors whose traveling companion is the father, what are the necessary requirements?

A. Aside from the basic requirements the applicant must submit the valid passport of the father and the NSO marriage certificate of parents. The father, as traveling companion should sign on the application form.

Q: On the application form, is the minor required to sign or can either of the parents sign in his behalf?

A. If the applicant is capable of writing his own name, he should be the one to sign the application form.

Q: Why does an applicant still have to submit any supporting document even if he/she has already been issued a brown passport?

A. The brown passport only shows your middle initial. The DFA needs a supporting document that shows your complete middle name.

Q: Is the courtesy lane strictly for government employees only?

A. Yes it is strictly for government employees only. However family members can be subjected for approval or they can apply passport through individual processing.

Q: What are all the necessary requirements for the first time applicants?

A. Basic requirements are: Birth Certificate printed on Security Paper (SECPA); 3 passport pictures (size 1.77in x 1.37in or 4.5cm x 3.5cm; colored with royal blue background; valid and old IDs, plus supporting documents depending on the assessment/evaluation of DFA processor.

Q: Can a passport with one year validity be used to travel abroad?

A. Yes, It can be used for different travels provided it will be allowed by the BOI or embassy.

Q: Who are excempted from personal appearance?

A. With the electronic passport, all applicants are required to appear before the DFA for data capturing of biometrics.

Q: Can a legitimate child using his/her mother's surname change his/her surname to that of his father upon renewal?

A. Yes, with the submission of his annotated NSO Birth Certificate.

Q: What if an applicant was born in a foreign country and got his/her first passport abroad, can he/she renew his/her passport in the Philippines?

A. Yes, but his/her passport must have a departure stamp from the country of origin.

Q: Does a special needs child (mentally handicapped), though not a minor, need a traveling companion in the application form?

A. If the child/person cannot sign, his/her parents can sign for him/her but they must indicate handicapped or special needs child on the application form and submit a medical certificate.

Q: Can an applicant whose passport was issued in the late 70's apply for passport renewal?

A. Yes, provided the passport is still in good condition. If the passport is lost, he/she will undergo the same procedure as those of first time applicant.

Q: Will an affidavit of explanation be enough to renew passport of a married woman who wishes to use again her maiden name?

A. Yes, a married woman can use her maiden name only in cases of death of the husband, annulment of marriage or divorce upon submission of NSO annotated Marriage Certificate or NSO Death Certificate of husband.

Q: What are the requirements for a female applicant who wants to renew her passport with her maiden name due to the death of her foreign husband?

A. She should submit a death certificate authenticated by the Philippine Embassy where the death occurred or in SECPA if it occurred in the Philippines and an Affidavit of Explanation.

Q: Can an applicant who was not able to claim his/her passport be able to apply for a new passport?

A. Yes, the applicant should proceed to the Releasing Division DFA Manila and check if the passport is still there. If not, Releasing Department will give him/her a referral to proceed to the Director's Office for clearance.

Q: Where can Filipino women married to foreigners apply for an CFO certificate?

A. They can apply at the Commission on Filipino Overseas located at Citigold Center, 1345 Quirino Ave. South Super Highway, Manila.

Q: Is the CFO certificate required to renew the passport?

A. The CFO certificate is required for all Filipinos married to a foreign national.

Q: What is/are the additional requirement/s for an applicant who has dual citizenship?

A. They must submit their foreign passport (e.g. Canadian or USA) issued abroad, plus their Philippine passport.

Q: Is an applicant allowed to renew his/her passport if he/she is not a Filipino citizen and had acquired a Philippine passport from Philippine Embassy abroad?

A. Yes, only applicable to a minor applicant only who has dual citizenship.

Q: Is the original seaman's book with the latest departure and arrival stamp already cancelled, required to submit the new original seaman's book?

A. No, only the seaman's book with the latest departure and arrival stamp is required.

Q: Does an applicant who is 65 years old or older whose signature has changed due to health condition need to sign on the application?

A. A thumb print could be affixed if the passport holder is not capable to sign the application form.

Q: Is it possible for an applicant to retrieve original supporting documents submitted to the DFA?

A. Yes, except for the birth certificate and marriage certificate in SECPA.

Q: Is a negative certification from NSO, valid as supporting document for applicants born on or before 1950?

A. Yes, in support of the negative certification, the applicant must submit Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons and other supporting documents with date and place of birth. A senior citizen card may help.

Q: What are the requirements if the applicant is a widow and wants to use the last name of her new husband? Her last passport bears the last name of her deceased husband.

A. She will just submit a death certificate of her late husband and marriage certificate with her new husband both in SECPA from NSO.

Q: Will an unavailability of marriage certificate on Security Paper (SECPA) enough reason not to adopt her husband's name if a recently married woman urgently needs to acquire a passport?

A. She can retain her single name and declare her civil status as married but she must submit a marriage certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar SECPA and must be authenticated by NSO.

Q: Can parents and child both first time applicants apply together?

A. Yes they can.

Q: What are the requirements if a first time minor applicant is yet to get a passport and is traveling with a guardian?

A. The traveling companion must have a valid passport, Special Power of Attorney (SPA) from the parents, authenticated (by the nearest Phil. Embassy or Consulate, if executed abroad, i.e. parents are abroad); Affidavit of Support & Consent authenticated (by the nearest Phil. Embassy or Consulate, if executed abroad, i.e. parents are abroad); DSWD Clearance; Original ID of either parent; original ID w/ signature and picture of the guardian.

Q: Who should be the signatory on the application form if the applicant renewing his/her passport is a minor and cannot yet affix his/her personal signature?

A. - On behalf of the applicant, the guardian can sign but with notarized affidavit of consent/SPA from the parents.

- If traveling with parents, the parents can sign on behalf of the applicant.

Q: What are the requirements for passport renewal for an applicant who is a minor, whose parents do not have a passport?

A. Parents must have the full consent, duly notarized DSWD clearance or passport of traveling companion. If parents are abroad, it must be authenticated by the nearest Philippine embassy together with the SPA.

Q: What are the requirements in case the applicant born abroad with travel documents but no record of birth wanted to apply for Philippine passport?

A. The parent must verify with the DFA if record of birth was forwarded by Phil Consulate Abroad at the DFA Records Section in pasay city. If yes, get the dispatch number and request copy from NSO.


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