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Q: What is the difference between TELEPHONE PASSPORT EXPRESS and that of on-line appointment??

  1. Our custromer care (Call Center) will give personal guidance to applicate regarding the procedures and the complete list of requirements.
  2. Enrollment for appointment will be under telephone passport express account.
  3. Supporting documents are properly checked prior to personal appearance (PA) schedule to avoid disapproval.(Pre-procession).
  4. Queing is done through a special lane with friendly liason officers who will meet up with the applicant at the gate and will guide them through the process which normally takes 30 to 45 minutes.
  5. Prior to the schedule, DFA processing fees are paid through the bank for more convenient service and to shorten processing time.
  6. The passports are claimed in behalf of the applicant and delivered to the designated address any where in the Philippines.
  7. If in case of "pending" passports, the applicant is properly informed by our call center agents of the status and additional requirements so that the client will not go back and forth to DFA thus saving time and effort.

Q: What kind of service can we expect from TELEPHONE PASSPORT EXPRESS?

A. Applicant can enjoy passport assistance in a "FAST, EFFICIENT AND CONVENIENT" manner while making use of quality time.

Q: How long do I need to wait to secure a new passport?

A. Here at DFA Consular office in Manila, we are allowed to release the processed passport in TEN (10) Working Days and have it delivered the next day at the applicant's doorstep.

Q: We are living in Rizal Province; is it possible for a family of five or more to get the same time and date of personal appearance schedule?

A. Yes, it is possible. A family of five or more can avail of the same time and date of personal appearance schedule, to help minimize transportation expenses incidental to the processing of passport.
Q: Can students and working people get a saturday personal appearance schedule?

A. Yes, they can. This is possible on pre-assigned saturdays personal appearances schedules specially for students and applicants with work during regular days.

Q: Can applicants living in the provinces have their personal appearance here in DFA-Consular office in Manila?

A. The DFA has 19 regional consular offices which are strategically located in the regions to accommodate passport applications from all over the Philippines. But for applicants who need to have their passport the soonest, the TELEPHONE PASSPORT EXPRESS can assist them to have their personal appearance at the DFA Manila. In addition, the TELEPHONE PASSPORT EXPRESS can also facilitate PA Schedules for applicants who are still abroad in time for their arrival in the country.

Q: What is the actual size of IP picture that I need to submit?

A. For the electronic passport, the biometric data (picture, fingerprints, and signature) of each applicant is captured during the personal appearance. Thus, there is no need to submit pictures.

Q: Do minors, pregnant women and seniors need to fall in line to get their picture taken at DFA?

A. Yes, but with the help of our liason officers who will guide and assist them ot the express lane to lessen the processing time and effort.

Q: Can TELEPHONE PASSPORT EXPRESS help me with my additional requirements?

A. Yes, we can help you in securing the required NSO certificates like birth certificates, marriage contracts, cenomar(certificate of non-marraige).

Q: What are the other additional requirements needed in applying for a passport?

A. In applying for a passport, the applicant meeds to present proof of identity by submitting the basic requirements of birth certificate from the national statistics office and two valid ID's. During the passport process, additional requirements may be requested by the signing officer for submission to support these basic documents. The discretion for approval fo application still lies in the signing officer. The TELEPHONE PASSPORT EXPRESS tries to anticipate these additional requirements and advises clients to submit the additional documents which are identified during the initial consultation and upon review of the submitted documents. Additional requirements vary on a case-to-case basis.


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